Wedding Planning 101: What You NEED to Ask When Hiring Wedding Vendors.

Most couples have never hosted a party before, let alone a huge event like a wedding. It's hard hiring people who throw their brochures your way every time you ask for advice on Facebook and not know what to say, what to ask, or how to ensure that these people will do their job...and do it pretty dang good.

There's a lot of people who consider themselves business minded, and start a business to serve the event industry...but there's a small amount of vendors that truly know what they are doing, how to serve clients the way they need, and perform their job well.

I am here to help. Talking to 20 photographers is SO overwhelming, who the heck do you pick?! Talking to 5 venues who want to get your business is even more overwhelming. You probably are thinking about where can you visualize yourself getting married while their minds are more into "how can we get them to book us".

There are 2 different mindsets when it comes to businesses in the event industry-

  1. People who are there to SERVE and invest in you as a couple.

  2. People who are there just as a job and to get a paycheck, go home afterwards and the day never impacted them.

Some of you other businesses may agree with me, some maybe not, but I strongly feel that being a wedding vendor means you need to serve, invest time, care, and love on your clients. Wedding days are the most special and intimate day in a couple's relationship, but it also can be the most stressful. If you can't offer a service to relieve their stress and make their day more special, then why are you a vendor?

You might be thinking- who is this chick? Why does her opinion matter?

- It matters because I am a bride. I get married next month and I have dealt with vendors who could care less about me and my fiancé and more about the money, and I have had vendors who have invested so much time and effort into loving on us and serving us. It is noticeable. It gives off certain expectations or concerns for the wedding day.

SO with that being said. ENGAGED COUPLES. let's get into it...


General questions for any vendor-

What do you offer on the wedding day to enhance our experience of getting married?

What makes you different from other _____?

Can we meet you/talk with you anytime before the wedding, or is communication limited?

How many clients do you take on per month, or per year?

More specific questions to ask-

Wedding Planner/ Day of Coordinator:

- How many weddings do you take on a month?

- Do you have a team you work with well, or do you hire people randomly?

- Will you be apart of our wedding related events, or only the wedding?

- What are all your wedding day responsibilities that we know will be taken care of?


- When should we expect our wedding gallery back?

- How many weddings do you take on in a year?

- Do we get to meet you beforehand so we are comfortable with you on our wedding day?

- Do you assist with any planning items like the timeline, help with any questions we have, contacting any other vendor if we need you to, etc.?

- How many pictures will we get back?

- What can we do to be comfortable in front of the camera?


- Do you serve us or do we need to come up and get our food/drinks?

- Do you pack up the leftover boxes or require guests to do it?

- What do you wear to the wedding?

- Do you have insurance/liability if anything were to go wrong?

- Do you have backup equipment in case of anything not working?

- Do you provide the dishes/napkin/cups, or do we need to?


- Do you have backup equipment in case of something not working? (backup microphones, speakers/lights?)

- Do you allow us to give you a playlist or do you play what you normally play?

- Do you have insurance in case of items breaking at the event or falling on someone?

- Have you worked at my reception venue before?


- Do you clean up the flowers and dispose of them or do we get to keep any?

- What flowers can I use to cut costs down over the more expensive types?

- Do you want to see my dress when you make the bouquet so it goes well?

- What are the best ways to preserve a bouquet?

- Do you offer all colors of flowers (anything possible) or only specific colors?

Wedding Venues:

- Do you have tables/chairs/tablecloths?

- Do we have to get insurance or do you provide that?

- Are we required to use your preferred vendors or our own?

- Do we get any of our money back in case of an emergency?

- Do you allow us to have a rehearsal dinner here?

As I am navigating the whole wedding planning life myself and being in the vendor world, it's so important to truly pick vendors who care for you and want to serve you. It's so easy to get stressed and overwhelmed during all of this, especially when this is your first time planning any type of event so you want to make sure you have people around you ready to take care of you and make things as easy as possible!

I hope this gives you a good insight on what you should ask before hiring vendors!! happy wedding planning :)


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