How To Know if You Need a Wedding Planner

Wedding Planning can be hands down one of the most stressful events you'll ever plan in your life. But at the same time, they can be really fun and exciting.

I am not here to tell you that you should or shouldn't have one. I'm here to help you decide if a wedding planner will make your life 10000x more easier and stress free-- which is definitely their job...or if they aren't worth spending the extra money on.

If this is YOU... You might need a wedding planner!!

- not organized

- last minute planning/spontaneous

- don't have a creative eye for decor

- don't have any extra time

- you don't like making decisions and neither does your S.O.

There is NOTHING wrong with these qualities. Planning a wedding is freaking hard as heck and alooooot of work and maybe you don't hours on end to research vendors and venues, or maybe you can't handle another stressful thing in your life and that is OKAY.

Wedding Planners are there to take all of the stress off of you. They are there to help you make decisions, find your dream venue, find you vendors, schedule meetings and tastings, pay the vendors, create your decor mood board, go shopping for you, and work with your budget. They make wedding planning fun and easy and really just so stress free. They are pretty amazing at what they do, but of course with that they come with a cost. They are going to be one of your more expensive vendors along with your photographer, venue, and catering.

If this is you... Girl you got this!! You DON'T need a planner!!

- you have free time after work and on weekends

- you love hosting parties/events

- you love decorating whether it's your house, parties, etc.

- you tackle stress like a boss

- want to be in the know of every detail

I am a freaking party planning, lover of hosting, planning out my daily life, and creative eye girl. I am planning my own wedding without a planner because this is up my alley and I love it. I created my mood board, seating chart, found vendors, scheduled tastings, venue tours, etc. I loved knowing every detail of everything going on in my big day. That's how I knew I would love to plan my own wedding and not have someone else do it.

There's 2 types of people- and whichever you are, you got this! You know what you can and can't handle right now in your engagement, so make the best decision! :)



No ifs, ands, or butts.

Whether you had a wedding planner throughout the whole process or planned your own wedding, you absolutely need to have a day of coordinator. They can be someone the venue offers, someone professional you hire, or someone you know personally that does have the qualities of directing vendors, being stern, getting things done, and creative.

A lot of venues even require you have a day of coordinator, and here's why:

Your big day is supposed to be the LEAST stressful. It's supposed to be fun, un-bothered, stress free, relaxing, and full of love. If you choose to not have a coordinator, your bridal party and family can be very stressed during the day...aka causing you to get stressed because they are the people you are around the whole day. Some family members aren't always reliable either, or can mess up your vision of decor by not placing things where they are supposed to go. Another reason is that you don't want people bothering you all day going "Where does this go? Who is supposed to be here when? What time is this at? Where do I need to pick up these items?"

It's annoying dealing with questions all day. It's stressful seeing the people you love stressed. It's just not fun. Most wedding planners offer day of coordination services, or you can find someone you know who would be perfect for the job to do it. You should have a meeting with them one month before the wedding at least and go over all details, decor, seating arrangements, timeline, vendors, emergency contacts, etc.

No matter which type of bride you are, you deserve to not be stressed the entire wedding planning process and on your big day. Make life easier and pick what you are best at, but definitely leave the big day to someone else. You can't do it all- it's way more enjoyable to have a village around you supporting you.


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