How to Adjust + Plan Your Wedding during COVID-19

I can't believe 2020 brides have had to go through the stress, the pain, the worry, the concerns, the arguments, and the unknown of if they will still get to marry the love of their life this year. Can I just pause for a minute and say you aren't alone. You might feel like you're alone going through this, but you are absolutely not and it's okay to talk with other brides during this time and drink a whole bottle of wine and cry it out.

I am a bride planning a wedding during this time so hi, you aren't alone. I'm with you too... and I have had a stressful and hard experience ever since the world turned into a chaotic mess. The weight of the world was on my shoulders as I went through decision making of Should we postpone for safety? Will the cases be lower by then? Will people not show up and we waste our time and money? Will it even be special? Will I have photos in masks? All of these went in my head as I started to really worry about what weddings will look like for the remaining of 2020.

So of course my fiancé and I had the conversation, about 100 times of what the heck do we do!? As I was figuring out alternative options for us, I was able to also help my current couples navigate through this difficult time by giving them different options to look at as well. I feel like I went through all of the stress, the tears and the worry for a purpose and that purpose was to serve you with intention during this HARD time of decision making. I want to help you navigate through your decisions and figure out what is best for you and your future spouse.

Here are a few options to consider:

  1. Keep your plans but lower your guest count.

You don't have to cancel your plans unless it's 1000% forced and required by the government. You can still have your dream wedding, it just might look a little different with a smaller amount of people, separated seating and/or social distancing.The good news is COVID gives you a reason to have a more intimate and intentional wedding day with the people you LOVE and who LOVE you. You don't have to invite your parent's coworkers anymore, you don't have to feel obligated to invite your coworkers, or your 5th cousins you've never met. Intimate weddings with 50 or less people are so dang intentional with love, friendship and family around you that you would never regret having by your side. One day you'll look back on this day and see that it wouldn't of mattered to have the big fancy 200 person wedding with so many people you don't even talk to on a daily basis and don't invest time in you or your relationship.

2. Elope on your OG day and have a big wedding or just reception later on.

Most of my couples have chosen this option. You get the best of both worlds! An intimate celebration with just you, your fiancé and maybe 10 or less people, and then you get to have a whole other day to celebrate your marriage with everyone you love! Double the sweetness, double the party, and double weddings!! When you get the opportunity to elope, you get a chance to find the prettiest place possible anywhere you want to fly or drive to that you wouldn't of had the chance to with your entire wedding. If you don't want to have two ceremonies, then don't! Elope and have a videographer and then have a reception later on and show your elopement video, or have an I Do BBQ if you're trying to save money and be more casual. Your guests will appreciate getting to see your intimate day and still feel included in everything.

3. Elope and forget the big wedding.

If you have been together for awhile and you just want to get married, but the big wedding was never your idea but more so your families... this is the option for you. Forget the big wedding and go do what YOU both want to do. Elope alone or with 10 of your fave people, look for a gorgeous location whether it's the mountain, canyons, lake, ocean, etc.


1. Narrow down the vision you have for your surroundings.

2. Research and ask your photographer location ideas based on the scenery you want

3. Inquire about needing permits, marriage license in that state, and time frame for best lighting

4. If bringing people, think about logistics such as seating/standing, long or short hike, any hotels/air bnb's nearby, rain plan, traveling, back up options,

5. Personalize your sweet day with an intimate dinner, cute picnic, bottle of champagne, dinner reservations, mini cake, a musician, your pets, or anything you absolutely can think of! Make it special and fun!

6. Book traveling, get your photographer and videographer, officiant and GO GET MARRIED!!!

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