10 Date Ideas While Stuck Inside for COVID-19

I don't know about you but being stuck in the house for so long can get really old and boring, REALLY FAST. You get into a routine of doing the same things every day, and life gets boring, draining, feeling like there's nothing fun to do, and you start to feel those quarantine blues, right?

It's real. Depression hits hard in times like these. Boring routines hit hard. Being lazy, tired, arguing with your partner, not knowing what to do together, it hits hard.

But guess what!! You are in this pandemic for a reason. You are living through this for a reason. You are going through this with your Significant Other FOR A REASON. No time goes wasted, no love story should go weeks being un-watered just cause you can't go on dates or do new things out, and it sure as heck should be adventurous and fun, especially when you're challenged to get creative and think outside of the box with them!

I am going to tell you 10 creative and fun date ideas that you can have while being stuck in the house with your boo thang, and yes having fun still and making this time the best time ever- is STILL possible. It doesn't have to be scary, hard and alone. You have your person, make the most out of it! :)


1. Cook a meal together

Love is surrounded by good meals, and home cooking. We all love food, we all love our partners, we all love GOOD food, so why not make dinner with them and have fun with it? Cook something you've been dying to try, talk to them about what is on their heart while you do it. Play some music and dance in the kitchen, and then eat your good food and drink a bottle of wine.

2. Do a workout class together online

There are so many fitness coaches providing online classes for free via Zoom, or on Youtube for people to continue to stay fit at home, even without needing props. I know Orange Theory is doing Zoom online classes this week and I'm hopping on them! Make it fun and have your partner join in on it and stay healthy and happy together.

3. Paint Together

Take out those art supplies you bought because of wanting to be crafty and never actually used, and get creative with your boo. Have a painting contest! Decide on a theme for your painting and see who paints the better picture that reflects the theme.You don't have to go pay $50 at a wine and paint night when you can just do it at home!

4. Build a Fort and watch a movie marathon

Who DOESN'T love reminiscing on childhood activities?! I freaking love forts and think it's so fun to do even being 22 years old. Build a fort and make it cozy with pillows, blankets, popcorn and candy and watch a movie marathon :)

Some movie marathons are:

The Marvel Series

Harry Potter

Star Wars

The Twilight Series

Nicholas Sparks Movies

Or really just any movies that have a 1 + 2.

If you're like my fiance and I, and can't sit through a movie for that long... watch tv shows!

My faves Netlfix TV Shows are: The Office, Dexter, New Girl, Greys Anatomy, Stranger Things, Blacklist, You, and Narcos

5. Do yoga together

This kind of has to do with working out, but yoga is such a good practice of self care and meditation, and I'm sure you both could use this to relieve any stress going on right now!

6. Self Care Night

Grab those face masks, mani/pedi kits, hair leave-in mask, and epsom salt and take care of your bodies!

Practice a skincare routine and do face masks, cut your nails and polish them up, take care of your crazy 3 day old hair, and take the most relaxing bath with epsom salt and candles. If you're a guy and your girl hasn't made you do this yet... oh just wait. It's coming and you will feel AMAZING. Every guy I know who does this with their girls was hesitant at first and then experienced it and was like wow, when can we do it again?!

7. Bake your favorite dessert-- COMBINED.

You like ice cream and he likes chocolate cake? Why not make a chocolate ice cream cake!! Baking is so fun to do, and really is special when it's your fave desserts. For our anniversary we made Carrot Cake Cheesecake. A combo of our favorite desserts and we have enjoyed it every single night together until we ran out.

8. Play Video Games Together (or board games)

I know the guys are just waiting for something THEY love doing- so here it is. Girls, play video games with him! If that's what makes him happy, don't just do what makes you happy...learn how to play his favorite games and do duo matches or be on his team. It would probably make his night and make him feel so happy!

9. Have a Picnic in your Backyard

Whip up some sandwiches, pasta salad and chocolate covered strawberries (or whatever foods you two love) and go in your backyard and enjoy the Sunset with a fun quarantined picnic!

Last but not least... something FUN, POSITIVE, AND EXCITING to look forward to-

10. Plan a Trip for when this whole shenanigans is over with!

What is your dream trip? What is somewhere you two have been dying to go? Start planning it. Look at places to stay, things to do, places to eat, transportation, etc. Obviously plan ahead for way far out since we aren't sure of what will happen with COVID-19 restrictions... but have something to look forward to. We all love and need vacations. If there's one thing I realized during this time, it's that our lives are so short. We should be so thankful for what we have, when we have it and who we have to enjoy them with. Once we're free to go out again I plan on going on all the trips we had planned, seeing all the people I love, and cherishing moments with them in places that make us the happiest. Plan that dream trip and get excited to go on it, because one day when all of this is done-- You will and it will be SO rewarding.

Have fun quarantining with your loved ones, and don't forget that just because we're stuck at home doesn't mean we can't grow in our relationships and connect with our lovers still!


Want your love story to be captured in a way that is so much fun and makes you fall in love all over again?!