Hey heyyy! I'm adventurous, earthy and all the boho vibes.

I'm Bella Cummings! I am here to capture your sweet love story, but also here to be your hype girlllll! 

You can find me dancing to the Jonas Brothers, Indie Alternative and R+B throwbacks, making acai bowls or something sweet, binge watching the Office, and snuggling with my German Shepherd puppy and fiance. I love shopping but don't have the patience for malls, so online shopping it is!! 

Some fun facts about me:

1. I am obsessed with flowers. I would die if I had a room

full of flowers everywhere and would just lay down on

them. My faves are roses, greenery, and pampass grass. I 

really love any and all flowers though.

2. I am from Miami, but grew up in Atlanta. Atlanta is home!

3. I can listen to worship music for hours and go all out just dancing and enjoying it. My fave bands are

      Elevavation, Passion, Hillsong United, and JohnnySwim!

4. I love hosting events, having my people over, and just being so extra and cute. Tablescapes and

decorating are so much fun to me and another hidden talent!


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Check ya girl outtt!

Where is my heart in this?

My heart is here to help people. I knew when I was little that God put me on this Earth to serve others. I love making people feel happy, loved, seen and cherished. I want you to not just have memorable photos that you can look back on, but be able to feel those feelings all over again. I want you both to feel authentic to your relationship and enjoy this as just another fun date night together. I want you to run around, kiss all over, have the biggest bear hugs and just jam out! I will be a professional third wheel that makes you have a fun time just by being yourselves and channeling your love story while capturing it for you! I'm there for the non-traditional couples that want to mold the wedding experience into a unique experience by making all the rules, and being yourselves. You get to make all the decisions because it's your big day and no one else's, and I am so here for that!