How are you different from the other photographers I looked at? Why should we hire you as our wedding or elopement photographer?

 I want to help you in any way you need and I think that's what sets me apart. I'm friggin here for you through EVERYTHING and can give you tangible advice whenever you need it. I capture your relationship so true to who you two are that it's painless to have photos done. You need advice on what to wear to a session? I got you. You need help on where the heck to start when it comes to wedding planning cause you've never planned anything before? This is my fave, honestly you are in for all of my knowledge because I am the Event planner PRO according to my friend group. Don't know if an elopement or big wedding is for you? Let's talk about what they both have to offer. As you can see, I seriously want to be here for you and your partner through it all whether you book me or not.  I will support and take care of you from the beginning---all the way until! There is no expiration date. I'll be the girl that cheers you guys on whether its 1 year later, or 10 years later. I'm your friend for life now!

"I can not recommend Bella enough! She is absolutely amazing! I booked her all of two weeks from my wedding and she helped so much! Anywhere from optimizing my day of timeline to helping with lipstick on the day of, lol. All of the pictures came out so perfect and I am beyond happy she was there to capture our perfect day! BOOK HER, you won't regret it!"

What if my partner doesn't like taking photos?

I make the whole session easy on you two by letting you be yourselves. When you inquire, I get to know you both and see what you love doing, where you love going, fave foods/drinks, etc. I truly get to know you so I can serve you as best as I can! Once it comes time to the session, I create a playlist for you to listen to during it, and give you prompts based on how you interact with each other making it easy, fun as heck and so NOT stressful. I get this question A LOT-- and every time the guy ends up leaving the session saying he had a lot of fun and wasn't expecting it. I got YOU.

  How long does it take you to edit a gallery?

For weddings, I have a 30 day turnaround and get your photos back to you by 1 month from the big day. If it's a couples session, or any other type of session that is usually one hour, then my turnaround time is 2 weeks.

What is the process, should we decide to move forward?

Once you're ready to book, all you have to do is sign the contract sent to you and pay the non-refundable deposit of your package 35%. Once you book, we get your engagement session on the books and it's easy! I provide you with all info you need, questionnaires, and am here for you through the whole planning process. 

What is included in your wedding packages?

What is always included is an engagement session! I think it's so important that couples who book me, experience a session with me beforehand so they can get comfortable in front of the camera, and I get to know them better. Other than that, it's up to you and what your needs for the big day are. I have elopement packages, wedding packages based on hours needed, as well as optional add-ons like bridal sessions, wedding goody delivery boxes, albums, etc. In my packages of 8 hours and 10 hours, you most definitely get a little delivery after your wedding day once your photos are done..and it is a treat. Head over to the wedding page to see what I mean.

 Do you travel or just stay in Georgia for shoots?

Heck YES! I LOVE traveling, and exploring the world. I would love to come on an adventure with you guys! I do discounted traveling fees to anyone in Tampa, FL, as well as couples on my bucket list locations. For any sessions within a 30 mile radius of home is included, and anything after that I charge .10/mile, and of course out of state/country traveling fees apply separate. I do my best with charging as low as possible, but still need to get to the places, right! I will give you all of that info too, when inquiring. 

 Can we print your images?

ABSOLUTELY! All my clients get rights to print their photos, and it honestly makes me so happy to see the different ways you guys use these prints! I recommend professional photo labs to print through, rather than drug stores. These photos are high quality and come out best through professional labs. I can give you the places I get them from and even order them for you!

Bucket List

- Utah (Moab, Salt Lake City, etc.)

- Portland, OR

- Seattle, WA

- Banff National Park, Canada

- San Francisco

- Miami

- Barcelona

- Arizona (Sedona, Grand Canyon, etc.)

  Do you pose us?

I will guide you through prompts that allow for movement, rather than the still prom posed photos the whole session. Yes I love a good serious photo, but I want to capture candids of you moving around, having fun and just engaging with your significant other. I honestly want to be a third wheel that is INVISIBLE. But yes, to answer your question.. I will guide you and help pose you to make you look your best!! But if you are more into the still posed photos, then I don't think I am your girl for photos!

Do you design elopements?

Yes!! I work with wedding vendors in all locations to create a gorgeous area for you to elope. You can be as simple or big as you want! We will go over floral, backdrop ideas, locations, color schemes, and seating options if you have guests with you. I will contact vendors, design a mood board and decorate day of while also capturing your sweet day.

What if we don't want our photos shared on your website or social?

That is FINE! Oh my gosh, I totally respect privacy. If you don't want your photos posted anywhere just let me know. However photos of weddings are my marketing material to find clients and showcase my artwork, so I do charge a fee of $100 for clients who don't want their galleries posted anywhere. 

What if you get sick and can't do our wedding?

God forbid this happens. I haven't had it happen before, but I am human. I can't guarantee that nothing will happen to me before your wedding or on the day of your wedding but I CAN guarantee that I have associate photographers I trust with my life and work closely with that I know would do an amazing job and fill in for me. I will of course still edit the photos the way you wanted them in my style, but they would be there for your big day. I take care of all of this, so you do NOT have to stress at all! You will be taken care of no matter what!

 We want YOU and We are pumped for you.